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Sony Ericsson T270 and T280 on their way?

Chris Ziegler

Word on the street is that Sony Ericsson will announce two new lowly candybars tomorrow, the T270 and T280, and the fact that we have convincing graphical evidence here leads us to put some weight behind the rumor. On the left here is the T250, an entry-level piece that the new models are said to be joining in the lineup. Both new handsets will allegedly feature pretty forgettable 160 x 128 displays and Bluetooth; the only real difference seems to be that the T280 features a 1.3 megapixel cam while the T270 does not. Guess will figure out in a few short hours whether this is legit, but the smart money says it probably is -- especially considering that we're in a lull between CES and Mobile World Congress where we really wouldn't expect Sony Ericsson to be announcing anything spectacular.

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