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Toy chainsaw + Nerf gun + time = DIY Gears of War gun


We're not sure if it came to him in a vision or if he was visited by an angel, but when forum-goer Forsaken_angel24 played Gears of War, he paused the game and told the Dom to his Marcus that he was going to build a Lancer, the game's memorable assault rifle slash chainsaw.

That's right about where we imagine his friend politely excused himself and phoned the local police, but even that couldn't stop Forsaken_angel24 from following through with his dream: he combined a Nerf gun with a toy chainsaw and copious amounts of free time to create a believable enough copy of the Lancer. How believable? The chain on the chainsaw actually moves, the lights actually light up, and it shoots totally realistic Nerf bullets. Still curious, peep the video after the break. Oh yeah, there's a video.

[Thanks, Phillip]

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