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Ubisoft confirms new Prince of Persia in fiscal '08

What? A giant video game publisher is looking to continue developing their highly successful series at the same time a major Hollywood producer is working on a film based on the same property? It's almost too much to believe but buried amidst their latest financial release – which also bore news of a further Haze delay – Ubisoft made a small mention of a new Prince of Persia game being released in their 2008-2009 fiscal year, which begins in April.

Other releases mentioned in the same terse bulleted list include the aforementioned Haze, EndWar, a Shaun White snowboarding game, and the recently announced Tom Clancy's Air Combat game, as well as new releases from popular franchises like Splinter Cell (Conviction), Brothers in Arms (Earned in Blood and Hell's Highway), Far Cry (uh, 2), Anno, and Prince of Persia. No more info, like which studio is developing the game, which quarter they expect it to be released, or whether or not it's part of a rumored prequel trilogy, but we'll put a question into the good folks at Ubisoft.

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