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1.1.3 iPhone jailbreak goes LIVE


A splinter dev team has just released its 1.1.3 jailbreak. This jailbreak, as discussed in our earlier post provides a "soft upgrade" path for jailbroken 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 users. (See that post for many of the technical details.) For right now, this jailbreak is limited to Windows users only, with a Mac release expected shortly. This does not jailbreak the iPod touch--iPhone only for now.

A special edition of Nate True's iBrickr software will prepare the image used for the update and a second installer portion will flash the phone. Smxy repository maintainer, Shaun Erickson has packed up this second portion of the jailbreak, which will be available via

iPhone hacker NerveGas raised concerns as to whether this release would illegally distribute Apple software. Nate assures me that he merely uses a diff (differences) file between the 1.1.3 firmware as provided and the jailbroken 1.1.3 firmware. NerveGas asked me to mention that this release is not canon and distributed against his wishes and against the wishes of some of the dev/elite team. From what I understand, the dev team was behind this release until shortly before Nate took it live. NerveGas's copyright concerns divided the team, splitting opinions on whether it should go live just at the wire.

Huge kudos for this jailbreak go primarily to the awesome iPhone hackers "planetbeing" and _Fred bgm, who were the first to jailbreak. Other amazing developers include Zibri, netkas, NerveGas, asap18, bgm, Bugout, bushing, chris_, dinopio, drudge, gray, MuscleNerd, natetrue, pr3d4t0r, roxfan, Turbo, Zf[strike], np101137, pumpkin, and kroo, along with many contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

Update: How to fix GoogleMaps Locations--this fix only works for fully legal customers (at&t, orange, o2) (Thanks Netkas!)

Update: We're still fairly unsure as to what exactly is in the jailbreak software. Nate had told me the only possible infringement would be the difference file between the 1.1.3 dmg and the jailbroken dmg but I'm now told by others (thanks kroo!) that it includes Apple's iTunesMobileDevice.dll. Engadget's on-staff legal guru Nilay Patel says that you cannot include Apple's code in another release, whether or not Apple posts the code online for free, adding that there's probably a license agreement somewhere that prevents modification.

Update: The other "splinter" jailbreak is now available (1/26/08) here and 13-year-old AriX's jailbreak is here.

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