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Empower debuts three new PNDs ready for re-branding


We don't often catch sight of units like these until after they've already begun the usual cycle of re-brands and ever so slight changes, but the folks at Empower apparently decided to shake things up a bit and give everyone an early peek at its latest trio of personal navigation devices, which are now available to OEM/ODM and other "private-label customers." Those devices include the P2000, P2200 and P2800, each of which boast 4.3-inch touch screens, along with built-in Bluetooth handsfree functionality and support for traffic advisory data. The P2200 ups things slightly from the base model with an integrated digital camera, while the top-end P2800 adds a wireless rear-view camera for some help backing up, as well as some added iPod connectivity. No word on any companies that have picked 'em up just yet, but Empower itself seems fairly confident in them, with it set to sell all three under its own PowerPlay brand. Look for the P2000 to be the first of those available in March for $299, with the P2200 and P2800 set to follow sometime in the second quarter of this year for $399 and $499, respectively.

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