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FarCry 2 invites you for a scenic view of Mwanzo

Nick Doerr

The first FarCry was alright. The sequel, though, is looking pretty gorgeous. It'll probably play a bit differently from other shooters on the PS3, so long as it tweaks the first game's mechanics a bit. We don't get to see too much in this video, named Mwanzo, but we get the idea there will be a safari in Africa, a trip to some mud/clay houses, and fire. Lots of fire. The scenery is nice, but we don't know how it'll look when in motion and much killing is to be had. The developers recently debunked some of the more popular FarCry 2 rumors (mutant enemies, PS3 exclusive, et cetera) and basically debunked them, so be sure to check that out too.

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