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Joystiq plays Rez HD, releases next week


If, like us, you missed out on Rez the first time -- it was originally a PS2 and Dreamcast title -- then you may want to check out Joystiq's recent hands-on session with Rez HD (complete with extra vibrating controllers). For those that are unaware of the trappings of Rez, it is one of several musically inspired games from Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Q Entertainment. 360 owners would know their work from the Xbox Live Arcade game Lumines Live. Imagine the musical qualities that Lumines applied to the puzzle genre and then imagine the same properties being applied to an on-rails shooter and you'll have some idea of what Rez HD has in store for XBLA. If that sounds like fun to you, head over to Joystiq to learn more.

Oh, and we should probably mention that the game is releasing on XBLA next week (January 30 to be precise).


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