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Rumor: Space Waggle 5?


... or so the Germans would have us believe. According to an article posted on German gaming magazine N-Zone's website, UGA's swingin' music adventure, Space Channel 5, is returning. The article states that the new Wii game will be a remake of the 1999 Dreamcast original.

One detail leads us to believe that the remade version is going to include some new content: the article mentions that Sega has licensed Michael Jackson's music for the new game. While Space Michael appeared in both Space Channel 5 games, his music did not. Could Space Michael have a more prominent role in the new game? ... Is that a good idea?

Troublingly, unless he was being cryptic, recent comments from Space Channel 5 creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi make it sound like he isn't involved with any Space Channel 5 projects. We hope Sega does the smart thing and hires the currently independent producer to oversee this new game. If it exists.

[Via NeoGAF]

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