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Sharp announces 17 new AQUOS models, stockers groan

Steven Kim

If you thought that only digital cameras were getting treated to biggie-size rollouts in the leadup to PMA next week, check out the announcement of 17(!) new AQUOS LCDs from Sharp. First up, there are 13 new models in the D series. You guessed it, folks: customers get to mix and match a rainbow of colors across the 20, 26 and 32-inch sizes. Other than the sheer number of choices available, nothing really catches our eye in these units: 1366x768-pixels and 1500:1 contrast; the 26V and 32V models get the addition of AQUOS Familink (CEC). If you need a little bigger display, move on down the cereal LCD aisle and check out the four new E series AQUOS models. No color choices here, which we guess means at these sizes you're more interested in looking at the images than the casing. There are four new models coming in at 37, 42, 46 and 52-inches. Bigger means better in these 1080p panels, with a contrast of 2000:1, 120Hz frame rates and low reflectivity glass. Initially available in Japan, with no prices announced yet.

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