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The L may or not be for L'Amour: Samsung's L310 and L320

Chris Ziegler

Samsung has busted out two decidedly fashion-friendly flips for eastern European countries, the L310 (left) and L320 (right). In fact, they're so fashion-friendly that Samsung says they're specifically targeted at women. The EDGE data and tri-band GSM radios aren't going to impress anyone, but we suppose those fancy frills just might -- maybe even fancy enough to garner some attention from Nokia. Both feature a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and microSD expansion, while the L320 ups the ante with an actual external display (imagine that!). You also get built-in calorie counter and perfume recommendation apps, though we're not so sure we'd trust our phones to tell us what we should smell like. The L310 will retail for about €220 ($319) and the L320 for about €240 ($348) when they go on sale next month.

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