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Upcoming Exteel patch to introduce in-game ads

William Dobson

Some notes for the next Exteel patch at the official site inform us of what's in store for NCsoft's free mech-battling MMO. The last thing to be mentioned in the short blurb is the inclusion of in-game ads after the patch is live. Players already participate in a microtransaction-based model in order to buy certain upgrades for their Mechanaught, but obviously this wasn't enough of a cash-spinner, so Exteel will be able to take its place in this table soon.

Aside from the ads, there are a few other changes to come with the patch. A new map called Face-Off will be launched, two new Mechanaught sets will be available (one purchased with NCcoins from real money transactions), some changes to Territory Control rewards, weapon balancing, and a super-deformed gameplay option.

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