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Insider Trader: Chic choices


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It looks like the grumbling was on target – many players really were raiding simply to get epic gear (and not for the sheer joy of raiding). Now that they can get epic gear easily through PvP, the herd is turning away from PvE raiding and signing up for Arena teams in droves. What drives players toward the purple clothes? Is it symptomatic of PvE ennui? Is it indicative of the relative ease of the Arena reward system? Insider Trader has another theory, drawn from the observations of those unassailable sages, ZZ Top: Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man.

Pure and simple – packaging sells. And when you want your character to look his or her best, what you need is a tailor. This week, Insider Trader reviews the wardrobe a well-dressed citizen will want to have banked for all sorts of events, from the festive wedding celebration to the everyday restocking trip to town. Ever wondered who uses all those weird dyes on the General Trade merchants? That would be you, once you discover the pure panache of the perfect shirt. L2Bchic, after the break.

You've got the look
Below, we review some of the most popular tailored items in a well dressed player's wardrobe. There are all sorts of variations (for instance, shoes and gloves that match certain items are hard to find for low-level alts and bankers), and we found very little collected information telling players what looks good with what. If you've put together an especially stunning ensemble, please stop by the comments to share your fashion savvy.

Admiral's Hat
This hat gives you all the flair of a pirate with none of the faction hits needed to earn a Bloodsail Admirals' Hat.

Black Mageweave Leggings
These are the infamous black thigh-high stockings you may have seen certain loose women wearing around town. Equip at your own risk.

Festival Dress
The pattern for these pretty little numbers, popular year-round, come from a lunar festival quest.

Green Winter Clothes
Also available in a red version, this is the suit for young men who ... love ... their female avatars.

The Tuxedo
Comprised of the Tuxedo Jacket , Tuxedo Pants and Tuxedo Shirt, this set is the classic – for black-tie events, for ganking runs, any time you need to look your best.

White Wedding Dress
A classic piece for the ladies. The White Woolen Dress makes a pretty alternative.

The prettiest, most unique frocks come from holiday events, both as direct drops and tailoring patterns. This can make it difficult to track down a tailor with a specific holiday pattern. Check a dress listing to see screenshots and find out how to quest for or get a particular dress tailored for you.

Being well-dressed means having the right shirt under your armor – and the right shirt for town, and parties, and dueling, and ... Shop the possibilities at a shirt page for ideas. Here are a few standouts:

All the extras
If you spend any time at all putting together a special outfit or two, you'll find yourself noticing all sorts of items on other players and in the Auction House that would perfectly complete your look. Whether it's white gloves to complement your tuxedo or the right shoes to offset your holiday dress, the accessories are out there ...

My question to you, dear readers: Where are they? I have yet to find an inclusive list of WoW fashion that includes not only player-made, tailored items (as above) but also vendored, dropped and especially quested items. The list of attractive quested items alone is huge, because many of the prettiest dresses and clothes are holiday quest rewards. Do we have any fashionistas out there who have compiled a comprehensive list of WoW fashion? E-mail me your resources and we'll feature them here on Insider Trader.

Insider Trader's Lisa Poisso would wear a pretty festival dress on all her characters, if she could manage the bag and bank space to justify keeping them around.

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