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LotRO dev chat reveals hints of the future

Dan O'Halloran

Deep into testing in Book 12, Lord of the Rings Online devs had little to reveal about the upcoming content patch that wasn't already announced. The juicy parts of this chat are the hints the devs dropped about long range plans for the game.

Fly like an Eagle:
New variants of land mounts obtained through future patches and Festivals are mentioned, but more importantly the dev team is exploring "a new type of mount to take you into places horses would dare not go." Eagle ride anyone? And can you imagine the rep grind to get friendly with the Eagles? Roll up that Lore-master now.

Surf's up: Book 13 will include a new region that borders an ocean in Middle-earth. We don't know if we'll be able to venture into the water or merely admire it from afar, shedding silent tears of bitter sorrow as the last of the Elves depart the lands into the West thus ending the Third Age of Man. Sorry, where were we? Oh yes, water in Book 13!

You're Unique, Like Everyone Else: The team isdeveloping a new system focusing on class specialization. Though you can already differentiate yourself from others of your class already through Trait slotting and the gear to complement it, there is promise of a new feature in the works as well.

Pink Floyd FTW: And finally, the best exchange of the night between the player base and the devs came with a question about a much desired expansion area:

WarCry: Wyrmslayer: Please sire, can I have some Rohan?? :)
TensLOTRO: If you don't eat your Eriador, you can't have any Rohan!

A complete transcript of the chat is available on the Warcry site.

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