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Player posts an abundance of AoC videos from Norway press event

William Dobson

A lucky player by the name of Avery, from Age of Conan guild The Acolytes, won a trip to attend Funcom's press event in Norway and has uploaded a huge amount of footage. There are videos on questing, raiding, mounts, music and more from AoC. Heck, there's even a video of the real-life mounted fighting that was performed for the event attendees in the parking lot outside. A few of these videos are embedded after the break, and this post at The Acolytes forums has a list of all of them, and includes a write-up of Avery's opinion on the crafting system at the current time. Keep in mind these videos are on Stage6 and require a Divx plugin.

[Thanks, Griz]

Questing in Age of Conan

Raiding interview and mounts

Carpark fighting

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