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Rumor: Space Channel 5 coming to Wii, other systems

Kyle Orland

Between Nights and the upcoming Samba de Amigo, Sega seems pretty committed to remaking their classic franchises on the Wii. Soon there might be a third series to add to the list, as Japanese news site The Magic Box is reporting that Sega has announced Space Channel 5.0. The Wii remake of the stylish, rhythmic original will feature licensed songs from series fan Michael Jackson, according to the extremely brief report. The lack of detailed information and a Sega denial via IGN make us less than certain on the validity of this information, but we wouldn't be surprised (or sad) if this turns out to be true.

Don't own a Wii? Don't lose hope! In an interview with Wired, SC5 creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi hinted that he might be interested in bringing the Dreamcast game to modern download services, a la the upcoming Rez HD. "If I had a reason to remake Space Channel 5 on the new platforms, I will do that," Mizuguchi said. Of course, for that to work, he'd have to get the rights for the game back from Sega. Maybe if we all sing in unison the company will be convinced to make it happen.

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