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Show floor video: Netgear ReadyNAS stores and plays it all


Netgear's ReadyNAS is a NAS, yes, but it comes pre-configured with an iTunes server, bittorent, wireless disk and printer support and more. Quite the plug-and-play darling, Netgear was kind enough to create some Mac-friendly tools to manage the thing (it's got a Widget!). You can configure the thing to your heart's delight , which makes it that much more versatile. The ReadyNAS line was previously sold by Infrant prior to the Netgear acquisition, so the products are distinct from Netgear's earlier NAS products.

There are several flavors of ReadyNAS: a rackmount server for business folk, the Duo series, and the terribly gorgeous NV+ series -- Netgear also sells a cute entry-level NAS called Storage Central. The sweet spot for most people will likely be the Duo or NV+, as the Storage Central doesn't have the extensive RAID tools every other model does (and as noted by our commenters, the older/cheaper devices can't be administered from Mac OS X).

Prices for the NV+ with a whopping 4TB of X-RAID storage ran from roughly $2,000 to $3,000. By comparison, the old Storage Central lines can be found online for around $70 (hard drive not included, $90 from Netgear), but the new line, Storage Central Turbo, was floating close to the MSRP of $200 (shows $189.99 on the Netgear store).

Check out the demo with Scott after the jump.

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