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Take that, books


A crafter going by the nom-de-Etsy cyberhadji has created some incredible original Mario character art, and printed it onto (scans of) thematically appropriate vintage book pages. The effect is convincing enough, but by using photo paper instead of actual book pages, he is able to create non-fading images. The print-over-book-page technique elevates what would be lovely fan art to art, we think.

In addition to the Bloober pictured above, cyberhadji has created a Frog Mario, a Baby Mario, a Lakitu, and a Cheep Cheep. There's also a wonderful series of Katamari Damacy prints that, regrettably, aren't appropriate for display on a DS blog (what with there not being a Katamari game and all.) These are perfect for the "vaguely classy but still totally nerdy" look we're all trying to pull off in our homes.

[Via Wonderland]

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