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TUAW Interviews Mike Lee of Delicious Monster, looks at Delicious Library 2


Mike Lee, the "world's toughest programmer," and official Major-domo for Delicious Monster sat down with Scott to show off some features coming to Delicious Library 2. We know a lot of you are itching for the release of this one, and Mike gives an answer to when it'll ship... sort of.

Other items in the video:
- sharing your library
- media launching
- more categories (now tracks gadgets)
- .Mac (and more) publishing options
- metadata support
- robust import/export tools
- one click backup
- why no pro version?
- scripting support!
- plus a first look at a feature that will have Cory flipping out

Mike also talks about charity, and his efforts to help in Madagascar. The read link will take you to Mike's Club Thievey where you can help.

The video is after the jump.

(Coming soon to other services, stay tuned)

Note: apologies about the audio quality, we had a bad microphone.

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