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When modding goes wrong

Eric Caoili

Well, you can't expect every Zelda mod to knock your pants off. In fact, you might want to put an extra pair of pants on to help shield your legs against the oh-god-this-is-awful rays emanating from this NES paint job. Consider the rest of your body tainted, your eyes suffering the worst of all.

What's that cone shape in the back? Does that paint look as sickening in real life as it does in this photo? And why is Link pouring glowing sludge out of his Gust Jar and into the Triforce?

Next to those offenses, the handwritten controller port numbers and "version" text are almost cute. We imagine the modder's thoughts behind those touches went like this: "Oh, it's nearly perfect ... I just need to write the word 'version' on it! Otherwise, people will think I just named this NES Zelda." Rumor has it that when you open the cartridge slot door, you can hear the system crying.

Jump past the break for a close-up of the Link figure dumping ooze onto this Teenage Mutant Nauseating Mod. Make sure to bring a friend -- it's dangerous to go alone!

[Thanks, Chicago Gamers Club!]

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