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WWE HD pay-per-view events head to Cineplex theatres in Canada

Darren Murph

We can't exactly say we saw this one coming, but considering that you can catch the Metropolitan Opera in a cinema, we suppose it's not all that shocking. Just days after WWE aired its first live event in high-definition, it has partnered up with Cineplex Entertainment to bring future pay-per-view broadcasts to the big screen. Starting this Sunday with Royal Rumble, Canucks will be able to purchase tickets for $13.95 to enjoy the carnage from within one of Cineplex's many Canadian theaters. If you're impressed, you can check out the full lineup of upcoming HD PPV wrestling events that will be shown on screen here. 'Course, it'll be hard to mimic what you're watching with all those immobile seats, but we're sure you can find a way to sneak a headlock or two in if nothing else.

[Image courtesy of WWE]

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