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David Jaffe comments again on state of consoles

Nick Doerr

Eat Sleep Play is David Jaffe's new development studio, which is independent from Sony and other such gaming conglomerates. More or less. Jaffe stuck his head out of the office where he's undoubtedly hard at work on something to comment about the console war, stating that "when the dust settles" the PS3 will be really close to passing or will pass the 360 in terms of market share.

Jaffe made some more broad comments as well, stating how he likes the Wii but isn't moved as much as other journalists and such with Mario Galaxy. He's very excited to hear about Burnout -- how the true experience for playing the game is on the PS3. He feels this may be the beginning of a shift in power towards the PS3, making it the most powerful console or, as some may equate the two phrases, the best. Who knows. We'll find out over this year, we suppose, as a lot of multiplatform games will fall under our scrutiny for just that purpose.

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