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New Sprint Mogul ROM leaks out, GPS support and all

Chris Ziegler

Sprint Mogul owners dreaming of a day when they can pop open Google Maps on their handset and get a GPS lock could end up having a very satisfying weekend here. Some sort of pre-release ROM upgrade (that is to say, not cooked -- a beta build of an official upgrade) has leaked out into the public domain, and the big draw here appears to be GPS support. Rev. A -- a feature promised by Sprint to be enabled at some point in the future when the Mogul was first released -- is also apparently going to be prominently featured when this update officially hits, but it's either flaky or switched off altogether in this particular build while the devs are still hammering out some last-minute issues. If all goes well, it seems Sprint's trying to get this thing pushed out in March, but the impatient among you can have a crack at the prerelease cut now. Enjoy, be careful, and good luck!

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