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One Boss Leaves: Vashj vs. Huhuran wrap-up


Another week is upon us, which means another edition of Two Bosses Enter, our weekly deathmatch series, has come to a close. This week, Princess Huhuran overwhelmed Lady Vashj with 56% of the total vote. (Hmm... Vashj must have forgotten her nature resist set.) Though you might not think an oversized wasp could defeat a powerful Naga like Vashj, you've clearly never tangled with this particular insect: don't discount this bug's prowess (and nasty nature damage). Full details below:

For more bosses fighting amongst themselves (hey, it's better than when they fight you, isn't it?), check back tonight for the next round of Two Bosses Enter, when Gruul will match up against C'Thun!

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