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Smaller Blu-ray laser could reduce PS3 production costs

It really does seem like we can't throw a stick without hitting a new PS3 SKU or news of a price drop -- a recent advancement in Blu-ray technology could signal the creation of yet another PS3 model or lowered price for the system some time in the near future, should Sony decide to incorporate it into their home console.

Sony and LED manufacturer Nichia recently jointly created a smaller, more efficient Blu-ray laser that would significantly lower PS3 production costs should it replace the PS3's current "chubby laser". This, in addition to the many other cost-cutting innovations Sony implemented in the past year, might lead to yet another price cut for the system -- but the unmentioned, non-discounted inclusion of the lil' laser into existing SKUs is just as likely. We're certain we'll hear more about this in the coming months, once the PS3 hardware market has cooled its proverbial jets.

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