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TDVisor-HD: world's first "portable" 720p 3D visualization system is still impractical

Darren Murph

CES 2008 brought us plenty of gimmicky 3D-related gadgetry, a bit that was respectable, and apparently, the TDVisor-HD. Nearly three weeks after the show concluded, TDVision Systems has just now gotten around to tossing out a press release boasting about how much fun was had by folks stopping by and checking out the "world's first portable, all digital, high-def 3D visualization system." Unfortunately, we're left to ponder on precisely what this thing is, but as best we can tell, it's yet another Virtual Boy-esque device, 'cept this one does 720p (and 3D). Per usual, a price and release date are conveniently absent, but considering that we can't even recall the last time we wore anything with "visor" in the product name (well, besides that one time...), we suppose it'll be alright.

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