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Universal Remote's KP-900 RF keypad / remote makes pit stop in FCC

Darren Murph

So do you go out and throw down on a fully-featured RF remote to control your home automation gizmos, or do you get one of those snazzy wall-mounted keypads installed to handle the same duties? Frankly, we'd recommend option C, which would involve picking up a device that operates as both depending on your mood. Universal Remote Control's KP-900 is one such unit, which easily snaps into and out of a wall mount for use in both of the aforementioned scenarios. Furthermore, there's even a built-in LCD which showcases relevant activities depending on what main selection you make first. As with everything else spotted in the FCC, you'll have to wait a tick longer before finding out a price or release date, but it looks like this bugger may actually be worth holding out for.

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