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A sign of guitars to come?

Candace Savino

When it comes to Guitar Hero III, we don't know what's worse -- not being able to hear the game in stereo and surround sound, or not being able to buy another guitar. Yes, the lack of Dolby Pro Logic II just downright sucks. But, we'd still be having a lot more fun with the game if we were able to rock out with our friends locally.

Activision has let us know when replacement discs for Guitar Hero will be available, but what about the guitars? All we've heard is "early 2008," which seems to be the company motto. Still, there is hope.

Toys "R" Us is now letting shoppers preorder the Les Paul online, listing the peripheral as having a February 26th release date. Since we have no official word from Activision, of course, this can't be taken too seriously. We do see it as a good sign, however, and will let you know as we hear more.

[Via GoNintendo]

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