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CybertronPC CM900, Eee's long-lost twin?


Sure, it looks like the Eee, it sports the same CPU as the Eee, heck, it even appears to use the Eee's OS -- but it's actually the CM900! What does that mean? Well for starters, you'll pay more money for less computer ($349.99 for a 2GB system, the same price for a 4GB ASUS)... but of course you'll have that CybertronPC name to fall back on. Honestly, we'd say this was a rebrand if it weren't for the minor differences in specs, and who knows -- maybe it is. If not, however, this is the knock-offingest knock-off we've seen in a good long while. Far be it from us to condemn the CybertronPC gang for trying to get in while the gettin's good, but maybe next time these guys could at least give us a fair shake on the storage / price breakdown?

[Thanks, Brian]

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