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iLive cranks out iT188B iPod speaker bar

Darren Murph

iPod surround bars are nothing new, but iLive's hoping to catch a few eyes that normally gloss over these type things by blessing its iT188B with an oh-so-attractive $99 price tag. This iteration sports "dual built-in subwoofers," an AM / FM radio, obligatory iPod dock and an on board clock to boot. It also comes bundled with a remote control and an auxiliary input to complement the twin video inputs, video output and subwoofer out for connecting an external thumper. As you'd expect, this one's built for use underneath a flat-panel HDTV, but it shouldn't have any problems perched up on a countertop, either. You already know how badly this one's gonna hurt your wallet, but at least you've got until April to save up.

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