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Mediacom gears up to add four new HD channels in Southern Illinois

Darren Murph

According to The Southern Illinoisan, Mediacom is getting set to unveil a new HD-centric plan for junkies like us, but better yet, it's readying four new high-definition channels to boot. Reportedly, customers in the area will soon be able to sign up for HD Family Basic, which "adds seven channels to the company's Family Basic plan at no charge." The first three stations to debut on the plan will be ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD and Discovery Theater HD, and "within the next 45 days," subscribers will also be treated to TNT HD, TBS HD, CNN HD and Fox Sports Midwest HD. Oh, and if you really needed one more wild promise from a carrier about future HD offerings, Mediacom Director of Operations Dale Haney has stated that the outfit "plans on doubling HD channels throughout the year." We'll see about that, now won't we?

[Thanks, Peter S.]

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