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Patapon demo includes exclusive weapon

Justin McElroy

If you're a PSP owner who wasn't planning on buying Patapon, you're out of your mind and you need to seriously evaluate your priorities. If you weren't planning on pre-ordering it though, we can't exactly say we blame you. (When was the last time you had trouble getting a PSP game you wanted?) But after some considerable pot sweetening on Sony's part, this is one pre-order we don't think you'll want to miss.

If you pre-order at your local GameStop, not only will you get a demo for the game, but you'll get also get the demo-only item the "Spear of Protection." The bad news? Demos aren't in stock yet, but are due this week or next, so you'll need to keep calling your local GameStop every 20 minutes until they arrive or your phone number is blocked, whichever comes first.

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