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Ricardo Torres promoted to GameSpot EIC

Kyle Orland

Ten-year Gamespot veteran Ricardo Torres has been promoted to editor-in-chief of the site, CNet announced today. "I'm excited to have the opportunity to help further GameSpot's position at the forefront of the industry," Torres said in a statement. "I'm eager to continue the site's tradition of excellence and I'm confident we can move forward into 2008 and set a new industry standard for how video games are covered."

The position has been unfilled since former editor-in-chief Greg Kasavin resigned to work in game development just over a year ago. Torres and Jeff Gerstmann headed served as co-editorial directors afterthat departure, until Gerstmann's controversial firing in December. In an official notice about the firing posted on the site, Torres said he and the rest of the Gamespot team "wish him nothing but good luck in his future endeavors."

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