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Rumor: Comprehensive MGS collection coming to PS2

Kyle Orland

PS2 owners who are disappointed about their system's dwindling upcoming release list may have at least one more high profile "new" release to look forward to. We put "new" in quotes because this release would actually be a collection of some of the best old games on the system at a great price.

CheapAssGamer has some evidence that Konami is planning to bring Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection to the PS2 on March 18. According to a Play-Asia info page and two purported scans of a fact sheet, the game will include all three Metal Gear Solid games, including the Substance and Subsistence directors cuts of the latter two, all for $29.99. Try beating that with a stick.

While we're sure the four gamers who haven't played these games would be happy with the opportunity to play catch up, we're a little bummed that they couldn't somehow squeeze the Gamecube-exclusive Twin Snakes version of the original Metal Gear Solid into the package. Still, even if you've only missed one or two of these releases, you might want to put this one on your early-year-purchases list.

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