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The rest of the Wrath bestiary

Mike Schramm

Matthew posted the other day that Blizzard has posted a bestiary for Wrath of the Lich King, and noted that they've posted news about two new beasts we'll find in Northrend: The Nerubian Vizer, part of the spider people that follow an "unseen emperor," and a Plague Eruptor, the "most destructive" part of the Scourge's army. But what Matthew didn't mention was that there were eight other creatures mentioned in the bestiary. What, you might wonder, are these guys all about? We don't know (well, at least one of them we do). But we can guess. Get out the speculation salsa and chips!

  • Shovel Tusk: "Tusk" brings us to the Tuskarr, a race of Walrus-men in the Borean Tundra. And Shovel hints that this is a beast of burden or utility for the Tuskarr-- something like the Clefthooves in Nagrand.
  • Darkfallen: Your guess is as good as ours on this one. Sounds like something to do with the Scourge-- maybe someone that has fallen into ghostlike or demon form.
  • Ice Troll: No big surprise here-- we already knew there were trolls in Northrend. But it'll be interesting to see what trolls look like in the ice and snow-- surely they can't walk around with just those loincloths, right?
More, including the one member of the bestiary we at WoW Insider have already seen, after the jump.

  • Proto-dragon: We already saw this one, or at least a version of it, at BlizzCon. The Vykrul in Utgarde Keep are training Proto-drakes, which appeared to be some mutation or alteration of the Blue Dragonflight. We don't know for sure, however, that the models we saw then were finalized. But what we saw looked like a steampunk-esque alteration of the blue dragons.
  • Magnataur: "Taur" obviously points to Minotaur or Tauren, and it occurs to me that while we've seen lots of twists on Humans, Elves, and Trolls, we haven't really seen too many variations on Tauren. So maybe the Scourge have obtained some Tauren specimens, or this is a tribe of Tauren that have separated from the mainland.
  • Wendigo: We've seen these before, too (and they're actually based on a "real" mythical creature), but it'll be cool to see what changes Blizzard makes for the far north.
  • Flesh Giant: Another member of the Scourge-- we've seen them in the halls of Naxxaramas, but they'll probably see changes as well.
  • Jormungar Wyrm: A worm (surprise!). Supposedly there may be only one, that acts as a raid boss. Also interesting that it's named for Jörmungandr, a serpent in Norse mythology that was so big it encircled the world.
This is only the first word on these creatures-- Blizzard will likely update the bestiary over time with official pics and info about all of these things. But that's what we know so far.

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