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Tour all of Macworld 2008 in less than five minutes


Two weeks ago the world was a-twitter with speculation as to what in the world Apple meant by "Something is in the Air." Of course, if you tuned in to our talkcast, you heard a pretty good tip on that score, but the next day El Steve-O dropped a shiny-new, paper-thin, slightly-underpowered (depending on your needs) portable in our collective laps.

So as we bid adieu to TUAW's complete Macworld 2008 coverage, we'd like to point out you can relive the magic in several ways. First there's the video in this post, with a frantic run-through of the floor, interviews, booths and more. Second, there's our Macworld 2008 tagged pages. And lastly, our Macworld 2008 summary page, nicely organized into manageable chunks so you can find what you need quickly. We're still uploading all these videos to the various video places around the web, and as we update individual posts, we'll update the Macworld 2008 page too.

The next big event for us will be WWDC (whenever that happens to be, but last year it was June 11-15). Of course, TUAW will be there, interviewing developers and hopefully hosting another fun meetup. Stay tuned!

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