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Turok developers remove team-kill achievement with launch-day patch


Concerns over developer-encouraged griefing can now be quelled, as Game|Life reports that a patch will be released the same day that Turok launches in the US (Feb. 5), removing the controversial team-killing achievement from the online modes of both the PS3 and Xbox 360 version.

The patch will keep the "Grab Bag" achievement (and its parallel PS3 "accomplishment") intact, but remove the requirement that players must kill a team-member to acquire it. Once patched, the achievement will only require players to kill at least one creature, one enemy, and themselves in order to unlock.

Since the achievement only affects online play, the patch will probably have to be downloaded before any players can engage in multiplayer mayhem. We're happy Propaganda Games decided to release this patch sooner rather than later, though here's hoping eager griefers who heard about the sadistic achievement will also hear about its removal. Otherwise, there or not, the achievement may turn Turok into a TK nightmare.

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