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Wiimote genius Johnny Chung Lee interviewed


We've all stared slack-jawed at the amazing stuff Johnny Chung Lee can make the Wiimote do, from Minority Report-style interfaces to a virtual whiteboard. Now ActionTrip has interviewed the man behind the fingertips.

Is anyone surprised that he is a graduate student in the field of human-computer interaction? It certainly explains a lot, like why he can do what he can do and we ... can't. He said that the ideas for his various interface tweaks were all generated during one furiously creative plane trip: "I decided to sit down and hammer out as many concepts that I think could potentially be done using the components within the Wii remote. The key was to think just about the components and not as a whole device."

While he obviously has affection for video games, Lee doesn't have any particular desire to parlay his Wiimote wizardry into a career making games. He says that "I like doing interaction research and only some of my work is relevant to gaming," but we know that he just doesn't want to embarrass Nintendo too much by outclassing them.

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