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Chinavasion's do-it-all handheld doubles as solar charger

Darren Murph

Yeah, we've seen solar chargers crammed into some fairly interesting places, and the latest questionable call comes from who else but Chinavasion. The CVEAB-S828-2 handheld features 2GB of internal memory, a media player, 3.5-inch display, integrated LED flashlight (saywha?) and of course, pre-installed emulators for NES and Game Boy titles. Beyond all that, users can crack this bad boy open, lay it out to bake, and watch it magically recharge its own batteries courtesy of the internal solar panels. And if for whatever reason that's still not enough to draw you in, it can also recharge other gizmos attached via USB when parked under the sunlight. Still, we wouldn't believe for a minute that this thing will actually work precisely as advertised, but those with oodles of faith can take the plunge for $123.32.

[Via Tech Digest]

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