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Iwata Asks Sakurai: Volumes 5 & 6


Looks like we missed an update in the on-going series of discussions between Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and Smash Bros. Brawl. dev lead Masahiro Sakurai. This latest portion of their discussion centers around some of the new features that made the cut into the latest Smash Bros. game. Things such as the decision to include Final Smashes into the mix, as well as the almost limitless supply of trophies in the game are discussed.

Today's portion of the discussion focuses on the music of the game. With over thirty different games to pull tracks from, the music in the game is almost as important as the character roster. And with new arrangements of classic tunes, as well as the option to pick from multiple tracks on each stage, we imagine the task of incorporating what Sakurai felt to be enough music was brutal, to say the least. Still, we're glad they put the effort in, because that surely means this will be the greatest game ever made.


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