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Lost in Blue possibly landing on the Wii

Candace Savino

Gamefly has always been a great source for finding out about new games, and thanks to some sleuthing from the folks at Siliconera, another one may have been revealed.

According to a listing on the game rental site, Konami's DS series Lost in Blue might be jumping ship to the Wii. As Levi points out, the game can be an even better fit on the Wii than it was on the DS. While the DS is a great system for adventure games, the Wiimote might make the minigame portions of the title more fun and less tedious. Furthermore, we've already seen that point-and-click works well on the Wii, so Lost in Blue has the potential to become a welcome addition on the little white console.

We know that a lot of you are fans of the quirky survival series, so what are your thoughts on this rumor?

[Via Siliconera]

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