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Show some respect: give your old mobile a proper burial

Darren Murph

If you thought SingTones were weird, you haven't seen anything yet. In a recent press release from Mobile Fun, it offers up the grandiose opportunity of having your aged cellphone buried somewhere in Russia, which will supposedly enable you to rest easy knowing your mobile is resting in peace halfway across the world. Granted, we could think of much more useful things to do with an unwanted mobile, but for those who just have let bygones be bygones, you can ship your handset over along with £20 ($40) and trust that it will be respectfully buried in the middle of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly. Best of all, you can even toss in an extra £5 ($10) to receive a "farewell SMS" right before it's laid to rest. Preposterous, we know, but there's no doubt someone will take 'em up on this spectacular offer.

[Via textually, image courtesy of shadowstorm]

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