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Tabula Rasa racial hybrids in motion, with QA from Sage

Chris Chester

At this point, you've probably heard of Tabula Rasa's racial hybrids. They're something that we called for in our 2008 wishlist, we pointed them out when they appeared in the 1.4 patch notes, and we pointed you to the best resources in the Tabula Rasa community to see what they looked like when they first appeared on the public test server. So when Destination Games crew released a new video through this morning showing the racial hybrids in motion, we were decidedly underwhelmed. Somehow, showing the new hybrids in motion seems to just reinforce the notion that they're just skins slapped onto the same old gameplay. They don't really note the differences in base stats, which, as of patch 1.4, will make a much more profound difference than mere skin color.

Attached to the video is a Q&A with lead designer Paul Sage, which provides a few new details. Sage explains how they're planning to add some new assets into the game, such as armor designed with specific racial hybrids in mind, though he doesn't give much of a time frame. From there, he says how the team is focused on improving PvP, enhancing the enemy AI, and adding more veteran content. Conspicuously absent is any mention of crafting, but we're willing to let that slide if they can actually go ahead and kick-start the quest hubs between levels 30 and 50. We hope assume that's what he means by "veteran content."

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