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THQ gets Playboy bunnies going mobile


THQ continues to grow its licensing buffet and recently added Playboy Enterprises to the menu. GameDaily reports THQ Wireless will develop "lifestyle themed" mobile games using the Playboy name that will ... eh, "not have nudity" in them? Looks like someone missed the point of this license. The first title expected this summer is Playboy Games: Pool Party. So, adding insult to injury, its a Playboy pool party with no nudity? Yup, little confused on this issue.

The multi-year agreement between Playboy and THQ didn''t have a public dollar number attached to it. Hopefully at some point they'll make some "move-the-tiles-around" puzzle game to put back together the digi-boob girls Playboy featured for the last four years. What's the fun of playing a mobile Playboy game if the old lady next to you on the train doesn't gasp at naked bunny Peggle?

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