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VC Tuesday: Japan wins at having VC games


Sometimes, we can't help but compare the Japanese Virtual Console releases to the American ones. In some cases, they're about equal in quantity (which, lately, means low). Not this week. In the U.S. we got one game. Japan? Four. And one of them is Phantasy Star II. We desperately wish that we could say this marks a return to 2007-level release density, but we really can't predict that. Next Monday and Tuesday could roll around and drop one game on us again. Let's just try to be optimistic!

Anyway, Phantasy Star II is really awesome. It's a beautiful futuristic RPG that is totally worth eight bucks (if you don't have a PS2). It makes us sad that Sega isn't really doing much in the way of RPGs these days.

We certainly wouldn't mind seeing Super R-Type, either.

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