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Wilson Audio putting the hammer down on bass

Steven Kim

There's nothing like a postcard from the truly high end of audio to put things in perspective. With product names like "WATT Puppy" (back in the day, complete with cables called "Puppy Tails"), you might take Wilson Audio lightly. Mistake, friends -- witness their latest assault on the low end of the audio spectrum, the "Thor's Hammer" subwoofer. Dual 15-inch drivers housed in the 4-foot tall phenolic cabinet plumb the depths down to 15Hz, and the package comes in at a meaty 412-pounds (without the amplifier!). That's right, your $21,000 doesn't include an amplifier. But if you can afford this beast, we're guessing that cranking one up in your listening room will shake loose the required coinage from your sofa. Might we suggest something along the lines of Bryston, perhaps?

[Via AudioJunkies]

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