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Bell Mobility lets loose white HTC Touch, Verizon next?


The color's been ready for the taking for some time now, but it looks like Bell Mobility is the first to actually offer a pearly white HTC Touch in North America, slightly edging out Verizon, which still haven't gotten official with its less-than-secret offering. Somewhat interestingly, as the:::unwired points out, is that Bell makes no mention of a GPS feature on their Touch, although that apparently is included on Verizon's version (at least last we heard). Otherwise, the device is the same Touch that's proven to be so popular, with it running on Windows Mobile 6 Professional and boasting support for Bell's EV-DO network. Those willing to sign a three-year contract with Bell can get one right now for a mere $100, or you can drop a full $400 if you want to stay uncommitted.

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