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Bizarre seeking level designer with shooter experience


A new job posting on Bizzare's website targets single-player level designers, preferably with 1st/3rd person shooter experience. The call-out adds to growing speculation that the studio's action-oriented wing (which just wrapped up The Club) has been assigned to develop Activision's next Bond game. We know, at least, that the team will likely work with an existing IP owned by its publisher parent; and with Bizarre actively seeking 'shooter' talent, the options appear considerably narrowed. With nearly every Activision shooter closely tied to a developer (including Call of Duty 5 to Treyarch), our money's on the currently orphaned 007 franchise.

The next Bond game is in Treyarch's hands, according to the studio's website. So, uh, all bets are off... [Thanks, Nima]

[Via VideoGamer]

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