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Five new premium HD channels land on TWC in Albany, New York

Darren Murph

One thing is for certain about this -- those holed up in Manhattan clamoring for more HD from Time Warner Cable will only be screaming louder after hearing that the capital city has received yet another dose of high-definition before the state's most notable city. Yep, just a month (and a few days) after Albany received a small bucketful of new HD channels, subscribers in the area are reportedly able to tune into HBO West HD, Cinemax HD, Cinemax West HD, Starz HD and Starz West HD, provided they pay extra for the Premiums, of course. As tipster Mike N. so eloquently puts it: "Not bad for Smallbany!" [Disclosure: Engadget is part of the Time Warner family]

[Thanks, Mike N.]

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