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Foxtel's HD+ hits Australia in mid-2008


Australians have another HD provider to look forward to, as Foxtel has announced its HD+ service, launching mid-2008. Slated to start with four full time HD channels, featuring content from BBC HD, Discovery HD, National Geographic HD, Fox Sports HD and ESPN HD, Foxtel calls it the most expansive HD offering in Australia, more than the Seven and Ten networks. Plans call for more channels after another satellite goes up in 2009, meanwhile the company is rolling the service out with a new iQ2 set-top DVR box complete with 320GB HD for recordings and On Demand content downloaded either via cable or satellite. Most importantly, customers can expect to catch the 2010 Commonwealth Games in HD, and check out a very trippy animated representation of HD's pixels on Foxtel's website and blog. Frankly, we're not sure the blog is a good idea, with only 20% of customers estimated to have an HDTV, who would really read daily updates on high definition related issues?

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