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JVC and Funai hold hands, enter into LCD partnership

Darren Murph

Before long, we suppose all of these mainstays in the LCD biz will have at least one firm watching their back. The next pair of outfits to purportedly sync up is JVC and Funai, which are -- according to an "industry source" -- joining hands to "jointly develop and supply LCD television sets." Of course, such an alliance is far from extraordinary at this point, but this particular partnership will apparently enable JVC to supply Funai with sets made in Mexico, after which Funai will sell them under its own brand name in North America. Meanwhile, JVC will be marketing LCD HDTVs in Europe produced by a Funai plant in Poland. Moving forward, it's said that the two hope to collaborate on a TV to be released in 2009, but as of now, bigwigs from both firms have yet to confirm or deny these reports.

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